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Love this game!

Used it for the first time and loved it. It has many thoughtful details like score clips down side, sewn in instructions in a great back pack style bag. The stones are well made and seem like they will last. I was just really impressed with the craftsmanship and design. Skill and fun. The perfect combo for a game.

We love this game!

We used to play washers with our grandfather back in the day and were introduced to Cornhole a while back. This is a fun combo of both and love that we can set up in the pool and on land. So far we have been mostly in the pool (been a crazy hot summer in TX) and the skipping "stones" are a favorite for more of a challenge to the toss version (we have both).

The game is well designed for packing up to carry and store after the day. A few of the toss balls have already started coming unstitched after only two play sessions, so that is an improvement I would like to see, but overall total 5 star experience.

Hi Maree,

So glad you love the games. Thank you for your feedback. We noticed this issue with our first batch of hacky balls so we have discontinued the use of this manufacture and have found a new one that does a great job. Please let us know of any other improvements we can make and we will. Thank you!

Fun in Pool - Good mix of skill and luck

Want a cool new game for the pool? Try out SKIP NN' HOLE! It's super easy to learn, so everyone from kids to grandparents can jump in and play. The game's fun and gets everyone competitive in a light-hearted way. It's perfect for family pool time. We laughed a lot, had some friendly challenges, and just had a blast. If you're looking for a fresh way to enjoy the pool with family and friends, this game's a winner! 👍🌊🏊‍♂️

From the moment we introduced the set to our pool time, it became clear that this was a game changer. Its rules are easy, making it fun for all ages to grasp quickly.

Family loves it

My family is loving this…

Such a fun game and great quality! Ended up ordering another set so we can run tournaments.

Great family game

From ages 10 to 65 we all loved this

score nn hole

great product really fun game to play in the pool

It’s a really fun game and you can buy different games for it

cool pool tool

this has been much more fun than anticipated. we really like the skipping discs and have made our own "house rules" for the game. All ages are enjoying the simple fun game.

The whole package

We bought all the accessories and my wife said “this is by far the best pool game set we have!” Happy customers


I just love this game. So much fun. I cant stop playing it in my pool with the skip rocks. I also just ordered the yellow and green skip rocks. And I love love the fact that you can play it on land with the bean bags. Its made very good and love the fact that it comes with a bag to store all the pieces. I give this game a 10 out of 10.

Thank you so much for the feedback we will continue to create great game modes for you! Thank you for your support!

Awesome Product!!!

I recently purchased a new Skipp NN hole game set and have been having a blast playing it with my friends and family. The game is easy to set up and the instructions were clear and straightforward. The quality of the materials is top-notch and I have confidence that it will hold up well to regular use. The game itself is a lot of fun and has provided hours of entertainment for us. I particularly like the fact that it can be played by people of all ages, making it a great option for family gatherings. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend this game to others.

Toss and Roll NN Hole game mode review

I think this is my favorite game mode that has been released so far. My whole family loved playing it in the backyard and we can’t wait for more game modes to be released in the near future.

New color skipping stones

I enjoyed the new stones because I liked how squishy they where and they were easer the skip. Also I liked that there was more colors so more people can play the game.

Paul Roehling
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Love playing Skip NN it is a challenge at first but now enjoying it now.

Enjoy playing Skip NN' Hole it was a
challenge at first getting into the holes
But love playing it now. Play almost everytime
I have a chance


One of the best water toys ever! I have two Frenchies and my friend has a Cane Corsa. Dante the Cane Corsa was very new to using the pool (never swam before) and not a dog that loved to retrieve even on land. After introducing these Stonne skipping rocks he actually left the Baja shelf without “help” and couldn’t resist getting to one!! We were absolutely thrilled!
Basically he became both a swimmer and a retriever of pool toys!! As far as my Frenchies go, they already were obsessed w water but stay on the Baja shelf unless “helped” into the pool. They have never grabbed up something they want on the RAPID swim back to their comfort area (Baja shelf). My Theo grabbed the floating Stonne and proceeded to safety!!
They can’t resist the skipping of the stone. Next goal, getting Theo to leave the Baja shelf on his own for one of them!!

Jason Smith
Outstanding game for the pool!

I bought the Skip N Hole last year at the end of pool season. We are finally able to use this awesome game. It is built very well, and easy-to-use. We have hours of competitive fun with this game. I also find my family playing by themselves. Everyone who plays this game absolutely loves it. It is a must have for the backyard!!