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Frequently Asked Questions

They float for easy retrieval! :)

Here is a step by step video to show you how it fold up your targets. CLICK HERE

The Stonne name was created first as a way to differentiate a rock versus our perfectly designed skipping stonnes. :) Then when we started working on the game we thought Skip NN' Hole with two NN's would be a cool way to differentiate the regular ole N' .

Fortunately, with the perfect skipping stonnes you don't have to skip them hard. It's like if you have a good golf club you don't have to swing as hard. The trick is to spin the stonnes as much as you can rather than throwing the stonne harder.

Yes, anchor it to the bottom of shallow water by filling the water weight bags with river rocks, lake rocks, or sand if you are at the beach. Make sure the adjustable straps are fully extended and the straps are taught.

Yes, there are high quality nets behind the holes of your Skip NN' Hole Targets. These will catch the Stonnes so that you can keep track of score with ease.