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Awesome product, had a little bit of a problem finding just the extra bags. Love the game!

Game was a fun addition to our adult swimming pool. Kids went done and we were able to play. Very fun and worth investing for entertainment.


Game is fun but one of the weight bags straps ripped off the weight bag. If under some kind of warrenty a replacement red bag is appreciated

Excellent Purchase

We were a little skeptical purchasing this, thinking it would be flimsy or too hard to actually play, but it is AWESOME! We set it up for the first time today and played for 2 hours straight in our pool. It is easy to learn and so much fun! My husband said he would play it all day!! It is 96 degrees here right now snd this was the perfect way to have fun and beat the heat. I highly recommend. We will be playing this all summer!

Perfect Father’s Day gift! My entire family had a blast playing.

Love this game. It is a huge hit with everyone for our pool. So light weight I am even taking it on vacation too.

TOSS & ROLL NN' HOLE GAME SET | ROLL NN' HOLE & Land and Water Cornhole | Targets & Hacky balls Included |


Great Game and exactly what I saw on social media. Quality is really good as well

Update to disappointed and upset

Within an hour of contacting Jarod about this he called me! They are sending out the poles and making it more then ok! Great customer service ! Thank you Jarod! And scorenn!

Shopping great! Everything in box as expected.

Recieved our "Score NNN" as excepted! One side of the of the pop up game won't hold up on the side, the wire is either bent or weaker than the other. Haven't got to use yet but hopefully we can make this work. Price for product could be cheaper. It will hit the pool next week hoping for the best!

Top notch!!!

We all get to used to Amazon. If you make a mistake you can cancel and re-order. I made a mistake and I thought I was going to hit a dead end. I reached out to “contact us know”. I had an immediate response at 12:30 am EST and a solution on minutes. Top notch. I recommend to all. Perfect transaction even with my errors.

Love this game!

Used it for the first time and loved it. It has many thoughtful details like score clips down side, sewn in instructions in a great back pack style bag. The stones are well made and seem like they will last. I was just really impressed with the craftsmanship and design. Skill and fun. The perfect combo for a game.

A fun unique outdoor game

I live in Florida, and we are always outside whether it’s in the yard or on our large screened in porch. This is lightweight. Easy to carry and easy to store. The game is fun and the grandchildren like to use it as a skeet game. We actually use this inside of our screen porch as the balls are soft and we do not have to worry about any damage.

Lots of fun!

My family likes to have lots of fun and we enjoy playing games. We had fun with this Cornhole style game set. We have not used it in the swimming pool but plan to for the summer. This was easy to set up and easy to figure out how to play.

Lots of fun!

We set this up for the kids during our last reunion, but the adults played with it more than the kids did! Set up and tear down was super easy, and the cornhole game stayed put even with the crazy tosses. This is a fun addition to a gathering, and it does keep the bigger kids busy.

So fun and so much easier than lugging giant boxes

This game is so much fun, had it up and playing in no time. Everything fits nicely in the carrying bag that has some interesting handles that easily close the bag once lifted. Love that this game can be used in the pool or on the floor or ground. Play it inside or out no problem and it sets up quickly. Made well and looks great.

Fun inside and out!

This was super easy to put together. We are avid golfers and to have some fun during the winter was much needed. Comes with everything you need. We prefer to play outside with real gold balls but fun inside as well. Very easy to pick up and go. The quality seems to be nice. I’m excited to try it out in the pool this summer. Has extra things you can get to make it into four different games.

A ton of fun games!

If you are going to have a pool or picnic day this is one awesome party package of games. All of the pieces are well made and have very good clear instructions as well as on line videos to watch. There's enough games to keep a large party well occupied. It's great for adults and kids alike. We played most of the games at our last pool party and it was a blast. Everything fits in the included bag for easy travel. It's definitely worth the price!

Kid friendly corn hole / skeeball set

This is a really cool and kid friendly game made by SCORE NN'. I would call it a Corn Hole / Skee-Ball mashup taking the rolling ramp and multiple scoring areas from Skee-Ball but also allowing a through the air shot directly into the pouch like corn hole. There a few things that I especially like about this set that I think make it kid friendly. It is very light weight compared to a regular corn hole board and it is also much more compact when the goals are folded up. They Hacky balls are smaller and lighter to toss in comparison to a regular corn hole bag. The set up of the targets is fairly simply and I think kids of a pretty young age (maybe 6-7 on up) could be taught how to assemble and take down the targets so they could do it on their own if need be. Also I think this is a reasonable option for an outdoor game that you could play indoors without much worry of things getting damaged.

In this set you get the two targets, each with: two different colored score marking rings; two straps for the sand bag weights; and an elastic strap to secure the targets once folded up. You also get the set of 8 Hacky balls, 2 sand bag weights, and a neat storage bag / backpack to carry the game in. It comes double boxed with the interior box being very colorful showing aspects of the game play and what's included. The outer box is a plain brown cardboard that has the company name and says "TOSS & ROLL NN' HOLE GAME SET" nothing that really gives anything away other than game set.

One thing I will mention is for the Skee-Ball rolling style of play to work well you either need to be on a somewhat hard surface or on a shorter mowed lawn. In my video the grass needed to be mowed and due to that the ball didn't roll through it very well (no fault of the game).

This game set was a great idea and implemented well. Lots of fun for both kids and adults both outside and inside if you have the space. Great for your own family or would make a generous gift. I'm glad I got it, and I recommend it!